HeartMattersOnline.com is a Refreshing Spring ministries website offering online Heart Matters classes and resources to the followers of Jesus Christ.

Launched in March 2017, this online educational site offer clients a Heart Matters study kit and give clients the opportunity to take available classes online with instructional videos or in person at our Houston, TX location.

Regular users will notice something immediately about this site: There’s less of it. In designing and building heartmattersonline.com, we considered the value of every page and subpage, removing content that lacked utility and erasing barriers between users and the information they seek. We took a similar approach to design. The new designed site is cleaner and brighter, giving its content room to breathe and tell our story.

We also streamlined and clarified the organization of heartmattersonline.com. Primary navigation on our homepage and throughout heartmattersonline.com is organized around topics: About, Courses, Shop, Events, Blog and Contact. On these pages and the homepage itself, you’ll learn about the classes we offers and the staff, testimonials and the many Godly things we Refreshing Spring Ministries are doing through our Heart matters program.

This website is maintained by Pexstral Studios with support from Refreshing Spring Ministries staff. We welcome your feedback and input.