How this class came about:  Over 25 years ago, Ron and Sherry Torbert were first introduced to the training for prayer ministry offered by Elijah House Ministries (founder John Sandford).   That training changed their lives and they have been sharing the Biblical truths they learned in that training with others for many years and watching God do miracles in people’s lives.

In an effort to reach more people with these principles, Sherry authored Heart Matters in a shortened format from the Elijah House training.  Heart Matters contains many of the most critical teachings she has used with clients throughout her years as a prayer minister.   The course chapters are as follows:

  • The Holy Spirit’s Role in Healing our Hearts
  • Healing Trauma
  • Spiritual laws
  • Forgiveness
  • Demolishing Strongholds of Lies and Vows
  • Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies
  • Unmet Needs
  • Healed by Grace
  • Identifying your Spiritual Gift
  • Discovering God’s Plan for your Life

Live classes are taught at the ministry headquarters 2-3 times a year.  We also have trained small group leaders who offer classes using our DVD curriculum,  and an individual can even take the class online which will enable someone take this class anywhere internet access is available.

Most group leaders are people who have been through Heart Matters and have registered with Refreshing Spring in order to receive support from coaches on our team.  Our desire is to create a network of people all over the world who are passionate about seeing others receive the same healing they have experienced.

Refreshing Spring continues to offer the Elijah House training for those who wish to go deeper.  Their classes are taught once a week over a 8 month period.  Contact Refreshing Spring for more information about those classes.  You can also visit for more information on what they offer.  Visit our website: to see what other classes and ministry opportunities we offer.