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I'm Back!!

Before I submit my next Heart Matters post I just want to let any readers out there know that, yes, I've not posted for a while as I had back surgery and was hospitalized in early May. I'm always amazed at how long it takes to get back to normal after these types of life events - especially psychologically - so again, this gives me additional insight into how my readers must feel after a cardiac event and especially cardiac surgery.

The healing process is a maze of activity that affects every aspect of our lives. Physically our bodies are blazing with repairing damage which often we are not even aware. Its common to be exhausted during this time but either feel ashamed because we are not up to our usual level of activity or become depressed as we sink into a deep crevasse of self-pity and sluggishness. Most of us need to better understand how the body works so we can adapt to a healthy state of healing both emotionally and physically. So, to be sure, you can expect to find some upcoming posts related to this important topic.

Any way, I'm feeling well and its good to be back doing what I love - helping people understand health and healing and feeling great themselves! Fresh posts coming right up but in the meanwhile, be well and stay safe!

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